Moxa is used to administer a heat treatment on a certain spot in the hand.
200 moxas come in a box with 20 heat shield patches.
Price: $24.95

Please contact us for order and payment details.

Step-by-step procedure of moxibustion

step 1 step 2
1. Identify the spot and place a mark. 2. Remove one heat shield from the sheet.
step 3 step 4
3. Place the heat shield on the spot sticky Side down. 4. Remove protective sheet from the bottom of the moxa so that sticky surface appears.
step 5 step 6
5. Light the candle. 6. Using a tweezer light the tip of a moxa.
step 7 step 8
7. Place the lit moxa on the heat shield. Push down slightly so that the moxa sticks to the Heat shield. 8. Let the moxa burn until you feel heat or it burns out.
step 9 step 10
9. When moxa burns out, remove the burnt moxa using tweezer. 10. place it in the dish and remove the heat shield from the hand.

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