Secrets of Korean Alternative Medicine

a book of amazing stories of healing difficult illness...


Press Pellet Set

Press Pellets are applied to the hands according to the principles of Korean Hand Therapy...


Therapeutic Rings

Each finger has a controlling function for certain internal organs.


Magnet Set

Each magnet set include 20 small and 20 large magnets.



Moxa is used to administer heat treatment.


Korean alternative medicine looks at illness from a different perspective than modern medicine does. This alternative medicine has its own method of finding cause of and treating an illness.

Korean hand therapy and Genesen Acutouch are widely practiced alternative medicines in Korea. These two alternative medicines invented by Koreans produce remarkably fast cures with very little pain.

Dr. Choong-Youl Oh studied Chinese medicine, pulse reading, and various alternative medicines. By chance, he discovered and was captivated by Korean hand therapy, a near-perfect theory of systematically diagnosing and treating patients with effective results. He devoted himself to its study. In addition, he learned magnetic remedy, Genesen treatment, and electronic acupuncture treatment. He now has an established home clinic to treat patients.

Through many years of experience he has developed various effective alternative remedies. His primary interest is in the development of the treatment that give immediate results, without pain, without side effects, and at low cost.

He has a patent from the US Patent Office in the treatment of neck and back injury and is applying for a patent for his innovative method in the treatment of an enlarged prostate gland.

Recently, he has published a book which illustrates his various treatment experiences - unique, amazing, and sometimes almost miraculous - written in short-story form. Except for those treatment methods that have been patented, the treatments including diagnosis, equipment, materials, and even formulas, he disclosed in this book are described in enough detail that they should be relatively easy to follow. Consequently, readers can get similarly successful results.

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